Development centre of economy in Koroška region is a company where a consortium of institutions and companies are operating with the common interest in developing the economy of the region, particularly in wood processing industry and new materials. Opportunities of the company originate in joint interests, synergy that was created from connection of companies in development of new products and services.

RACE KOGO d.o.o. puts emphasis on new products and services that are required for construction of a wooden house: wooden walls, windows and other elements, thermal and sound insulation, integrated solar energy receivers. An important focus is on development, processing and testing of new materials, such as new materials for wooden elements (transformed and processed wood), processing and recycling of waste materials (textile is used as thermal insulation), including research in transformation and processing of other materials, such as metals and tools for its processing.

Laboratory research, testing and thermo-mechanic processing of materials and measurements, development or improvement of tools for processing the material, test production, development of new materials, analysis and marketing possibilities are also an integral part of the activities in the development centre. The results of the company are therefore in prototypes and the related “know-how”. With new materials and individual elements, models of new technological manufacturing processes, marketing and commercialization possibilities and production optimization studies, particularly for the companies of the founders, will be analysed and implemented. After 2014, customers are no longer only the companies of the founders. The acquired knowledge is marketed in Slovenia and in neighbouring countries in particular.

The operation Development centre of economy in Koroška region is co-funded by the European Union, i.e. the European Regional Development Fund. The operation will be implemented within the scope of the Operational Programme for Strengthening Regional Development Potentials for the 2007–2013 Period, 1st Development Priorities: Competitiveness of companies and research excellence, priorities 1.1: Improving competitive abilities of companies and research excellence.

The RACE KOGO project is one of the 17 selected projects within the Development centre of Slovenian economy programme (2011-2014).

The purpose of the development centres of Slovenian economy is to support projects that include development and the required equipment and other infrastructure that promotes development of companies, their competences, and long term foundations for growth and development of the economy to promote a technological breakthrough in the fields where there is a critical mass of knowledge in Slovenia.
Ministry of Economic Development and Technology and ERDF co-finance the 17 projects (total value of the projects: EUR425,483,576 or estimated value of co-financing EUR179,581,344);

The estimated value of the RACE KOGO project is EUR6,010,758.00, from which the European Regional Development Fund provides EUR3,514,054.00 within the Operational programme for strengthening regional development potentials 2007-2013.

The operation was carried out from 1 June 2011 and was completed on 31 December 2014.

Development centre of economy in Koroška region in numbers

– 21 applications for protection of intellectual property (models, patents, and brands),
– 11 new „spin-off“ companies,
– 25 new employment positions

For more information about the operation, contact Dr. Luka Zajec,
phone: +386 (0)41 363 533, e-mail: