At the end of 2014, we successfully concluded many development activities which were set when we founded the company in 2011 and we consequently fully completed the success indicators which are monitored by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MEDT). Participation of RACE KOGO in the tender “Development centres of Slovenian economy” prepared by MEDT in 2010 proved to be a very important part of transferring knowledge among different types of research and development, and it directly affected the economy in the Koroška region.

The development lining of RACE KOGO is in development of forestry-wood production chain in different processing phases. Individual development results of RACE KOGO that logically upgrade the production chain are presented in a simplified scheme of RACE KOGO main development activities:


  1. Studies, research and development of new products that occurred from production technology of final elements for prefabricated building of multi-storey objects
    2. Project for development and optimisation of sawing capacities with wood preparation
    3. Line for grading and organising wood ranges
    4. Project for preparation, distribution, logistics, and installation of new products
    5. Project for marketing new products and wooden residues in introduction of construction of wooden loading elements with cross-link technology

Results of the project:
• Significantly improved dimensional stability and visual implementation of MHM walls
• New product “Massive panel chalet and panel massive walls”
• New product “Wood storage modular”
• New complex wall systems 
• New and significantly improved knowledge in energy-efficient use of wooden residues with the intention of environment protection and sustainable use of new and significantly improved products
• Production optimisation studies in sawmill industry

Registered rights of intellectual property:

– Lesoteka modular
– Log cabins

– Garden house ASIM
– DUSA 80
– DUSA 100
– Lesoteka 36
– Modular 36
– Modular roofs
– Modular house form “The house grows with the family”
– CLT log house

New companies / spin-off
– Lesoteka hiše d.o.o.
– Lesoteka GL d.o.o.
– Lesoteka projektiva d.o.o.
– Lesoteka inženiring d.o.o.
– Lesoplan d.o.o.
– Lesoteka modular d.o.o.


  1. Research and development of new insulation products made from recycled materials

Results of the project:
– Special 3D insulation products
– New insulation from recycled materials

Registered rights of intellectual property:

– The procedure for manufacturing insulation from composite materials by adding liquefied wood
– The procedure of manufacturing 3D insulation from composite materials

New companies / spin-off
– Kopur Soins d.o.o.


  1. Studies and development of a drying chamber and parts for drying laminate and other wood
    Research and development of tractor upgrades and attachments
  2. Results of the project:
    – Technical design of drying chambers
    – Technological design of individual elements of tractor upgrades (V plough, clamps for ramp board, pulley for dragging logs, steel rope for protecting the tractor cabin)
  3. Registered rights of intellectual property:
  4. Trademarks
    – ADTEH
  5. Models
    – V plough
  6. New companies / spin-off
    – ADTEH d.o.o.


  1. Update of sales and technological processes for carpentry and semi-products
    2. Development of new carpentry products and semi-products, use of new materials

Results of the project:
– Thermally improved profiles
– Light LMP massive panels
– Development of new carpentry products LUX PLATO line
– Mobile app

Registered rights of intellectual property:

– Ligna LMP
– Lux plato

– Wood-alu door
– Door with side glass
– Door with glass squares
– Security door
– Laminate with integrated lath

New companies / spin-off
– Ligna LMP d.o.o.
– GAS app d.o.o.
– G PLATO d.o.o.


  1. Study of ecological production, material efficiency of waste and environmentally advanced products

Results of the project:
– Development studies of reducing the effects of RACE KOGO development products on the environment


  1. Study of developing new products and biomass

Results of the project:
– Development studies of material and energy efficiency of waste


  1. Development of design of wooden constructions with integration of active and passive elements for utilisation of solar energy
    Development of computer-supported tool for presentation of developed elements for commercial purposes

2. Results of the project:
– Development of design of wooden constructions with integration of elements for energy utilization
– Web application for simple presentation of the use of renewable sources on the example of a single-family home.


  1. Computer-supported environment for support and calculation of efficient energy utilisation for design and for the life cycle of buildings

Results of the project:
– Web application for planning and measuring efficient utilisation of energy in objects with IT development solutions.

Registered rights of intellectual property:



  1. Development of electronics for control

Results of the project:

– Controller for electric scooter

– BMS controler

Registered rights of intellectual property:

– Torque sensor for central drive of an electric bicycle


  1. Development of computer-managed device for receiving and sorting of elements

Results of the project:
– Book sorter
– Control system for pre-sorting of elements, software for sorting the cutting
– Computer-manager device for receiving and sorting of elements


  1. Development of new metal materials

Results of the project:
– New binding elements with the emphasis on appearance and functionality
– Thermomechanical processing


  1. Provision of equipment for laboratory for material characterisation
    Results of the project:
    – Synthesis of nano-crystalline cellulose
    – New polyurethane foam with recycled filling in the tube


– 21 applications for protection of intellectual property (models, patents, and brands),
– 11 new „spin-off“ companies,
– 25 new employment positions