RACE KOGO was successful in applying for the Public tender for the establishment and upgrade of e-business in SMEs in the period 2017 – 2018 “E-business”, the Public Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Promotion of Entrepreneurship, Internationalization, Foreign Investment and Technology (SPIRIT Agency).

Operation name: Digital system for green, wooden construction

The total value of the entire RRI project is EUR 31,768.00, for which we plan a co-financing of EUR 17,080.

The purpose of the operation is to improve competitiveness through e-commerce.

The objectives of the operation are to establish and upgrade the electronic business mode for easier entry to new markets, increase international competitiveness by creating a website and preparing a product sales video, strengthening the competencies of employees in the industry 4.0 and BIM technology.
The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund (http://www.eu-skladi.si)