In 2016, the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology plans to tender a total of EUR 333.5 million.

Planned payments in the following areas:
Woodworking: EUR 4 700 000 total (EUR 4 000 000 of EU grants and EUR 700 000 integrated grant)
Entrepreneurship and competitiveness: EUR 122,049,000 total (EUR 6,949,000 of the EU grant and EUR 600,000 of the integrated grant and EUR 114,500,000 of the EU grant)
Internationalization: EUR 4.599.000 total (EUR 3.249.000 EU grant and EUR 1.350.000 integral grant)
Tourism: EUR 1,975,000 in total (EUR 1,947,000 of the EU grant and EUR 28,000 of integral grants)
Regional development: EUR 71,138,000 total (EUR 11,083,000 EU grant and EUR 27,694,000 integral grants and 32,361,000 integrals of reimbursable funds)
Social Entrepreneurship: EUR 2,018,000 in total (EUR 1,718,000 of the EU grant and EUR 300,000 of integrated grants).

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